Capture amazing memories and boost your event

Allow your guests to enjoy each moment at your party!


Printagram is a fun, interactive Print Station that lets guests take selfies with their mobile phones, upload on Instagram & Twitter with specific hashtag and print out the photos in few seconds

It uses the most technologically advanced photo equipment with profesional dye-sub printer, interactive touchscreen monitor, etc...

The software support custom print layout template-frame with custom colour, logo and text for branding the photos

Also the captured photos can be directly shared to Facebook or upload on FTP

Printagram is most compact, modern Print Station that can be setup anywhere such as: Restaurants, Clubs, Cafes, Shopping Malls, Private Apartments, Parks, Squares and etc....

We are based in Skopje the capital of Macedonia and this allows us to travel with ease to every city in the country.

Printagram is suitable for hire at Weddings, Birthday and Private Parties, Graduations, Proms, Corporate Events as well as Company and Product promotions, Marketing Events/Campaings and etc....

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Some moments worth to be captured forever


Printagram allows you to crowdsource your event photos.

It's simple. Just pick a hashtag and tell your guests to tag their photos when they upload them to Instagram & Twitter.

Printagram will monitor Instagram & Twitter for photos matching that hashtag and will automatically download and print them with your own custom template and branding.


From Digital to Physical

People love prints. They love the fact that they can walk away with a memory or keepsake within seconds of posting a photo.

This concept is the magic of Hashtag Printing, brands can get people to post hashtags willingly because people want their free prints.

Hashtag Printing is a unique experience that ties the digital to the physical in real time, and the technology behind it amazes our users time and again!

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